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Bluetooth Stereo Speaker & Speakerphone


STYLE's awarding-winning design is elegantly matched by its high-performance and ease-of-use. The cool black color and "invisible" control key surface gives STYLE an amazingly sleek, futuristic look while its high capacity battery gives you 10 hours of playtime.




STYLE 的获奖设计与其高性能和易用性互相匹配。
酷炫的黑色和“隐形”控制键表面使 STYLE 拥有非常时尚及前卫的外观,而其高容量电池可为您提供10小时的播放时间。


SKU: PF-309-BK
Colour: Black
    • Bluetooth 2.1 wireless connection
    • AAC & aptX codec supported for delivering CD sound quality digital music
    • Multipoint technology for Multi-source connections
    • 3.5mm stereo audio line in
    • Hands-free speakerphone with CVC digital echo cancellation and noise reduction
    • Invisible touch panel operation
    • 10 hours of playtime
    • 蓝牙2.1无线连接
    • 支援AAC&aptX编解码器,以提供CD音质数码音乐
    • 多点技术作多源连接使用
    • 3.5mm音频线路输入
    • 免提扬声器配备 CVC数码回音消除和降噪功能
    • 隐形触摸屏操作
    • 10小时的播放时间

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