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2-in-1 Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker and Speakerphone


STEREO² is a state of the art high-performance Bluetooth stereo speaker and speakerphone system. It comes with a pair of coupled wireless speakers for stereo left and right channels. Simply place the STEREO² in an equilateral triangle, with you as the third point, to form the perfect ratio for an immersive sound experience that last for 8 hours.




STEREO² 是先进的高性能真无线蓝牙立体声扬声器和免提系统。它配有一对可配对的无线扬声器,用于立体声左右声道。只需将 STEREO² 以等边三角形方式摆放,以你的位置作为第三点,便可形成完美比例。身临其境的音频体验可持续8小时。


SKU: UD-1401-BK
    • 2 in 1 Wireless Stereo Speaker
    • Hands-Free Speakerphone
    • 8 Hours of Playtime
    • Easy “Touch to Pair” NFC Pairing
    • Attachable & Detachable
    • 2合1无线立体声扬声器
    • 免提扬声器

    • 8小时的播放时间

    • NFC与“触碰配对”蓝牙配对
    • 可附上、可拆装

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