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Never miss beats.


Rock Out helps you make the party happen. The two high-power left-right units provide enough power for your own dance event, and its high quality makes your music really sound great. And its built-in battery gives you 14 hours of playtime.




Rock Out让您的派对更加有声有色。两个大功率左右单元提供强劲节拍,令活跃好动的您享受每个舞动时刻,高品质的音色使您的音乐真的更棒。内置电池为您提供14小时的播放享受。

Rock Out

SKU: DF-1421-BK
    • Peak-Optimized for shocking sound clarity and volume
    • Pre-coupled wireless left and right units
    • Bluetooth 3.0
    • NFC connectability
    • Built-in speakerphone
    • 3.5mm audio line-in
    • 10 Hours of battery life
    • 优化以提供震撼的清晰度和音量
    • 预先已配对的
    • 蓝牙3.0连接
    • NFC蓝牙配对
    • 内置免提扬声器
    • 3.5mm音频线路输入
    • 10小时的电池寿命

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