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3-in-1 Business Solution System


POWERVOICE is the perfect 3-in-1 solution for business executive and traveling professional. It incorporates an incredible speakerphone, offering crystal-clear vocal fidelity. Additionally, POWERVOICE is a portable charging station with 6600mAh ensuring you will never run out of juice in the middle of a meeting. Encased in an elegant metal case and is about the size of a smartphone. It is a beautiful and functional companion that goes with you everywhere.




POWERVOICE 是商务行政及旅游专业人士专用的完美3合1解决方案。它结合了免提,提供清晰的话声保真度。此外,POWERVOICE 是一款具有 6600mAh 的便携式充电器,确保您在会议途中永远不会缺乏电源。 POWERVOICE 具有一个华丽的金属外壳,尺寸约为一部智能手机的大小。它是一个可随身携带、美丽而实用的伙伴。


SKU: UD-1405-SL
Colour: silver
    • Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth v3.0 connection
    • Hands-free speakerphone with CVC digital echo cancellation and noise reduction
    • Rechargeable battery provides 40 hours of playtime
    • Built-in 6600mAh power bank to recharge smartphones & tablets
    • Fast charging 2.1A output
    • NFC “touch to pair” Bluetooth pairing
    • 3.5mm audio line-in
    • 通过蓝牙v3.0连接无线串流播放音乐
    • 免提扬声器配备 CVC数码回音消除和降噪功能
    • 充电电池可提供40小时的播放时间
    • 内置6600mAh电源为智能手机和平板电脑充电
    • 内置6600mAh流动电源可为智能手机和平板电脑充电
    • 2.1A快速充电输出
    • NFC与“触碰配对”蓝牙配对
    • 3.5mm音频线路输入

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