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Bluetooth Speaker / Speakerphone


Shift into high-performance with the iconic MINI gear shift design Bluetooth speaker / speakerphone!  Amazing audio performance wrapped in genuine leather.  The knob is detachable so you can take the actual speakerphone with you.  “Driving” your music could not be easier.




MINI真皮波棍形设计的蓝牙音箱, 体积细小, 却有着惊人的音响表现。
波棍顶部可拆卸,您可以随身携带, 享受你的音乐。


SKU: PF327-04
Colour: black
    • 4 watts of power output
    • Bluetooth 3.0: A2DP, HSP, HFP supported
    • NFC with “touch to pair” Bluetooth pairing
    • Hands-free speakerphone with CVC digital echo cancellation and noise reduction
    • 500mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides 6 hours of playtime
    • 4瓦的功率输出
    • 蓝牙3.0连接:支援A2DP、HSP、HFP
    • NFC与“触碰配对”蓝牙配对
    • 免提扬声器配备 CVC数码回音消除和降噪功能
    • 500mAh锂离子充电电池,可提供6小时的播放时间

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