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Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Multiroom Stereo Speaker


EVERYWHERE is a high-performance 2.1 Wi-Fi or Bluetooth stereo speaker system that allows for the full fidelity of Wi-Fi audio to be distributed elegantly throughout your home. The system works with all other iui DESIGN Wi-FI audio products to create a custom whole-home HiFi stereo system, catered to you. Control everything via an app on your iOS, Android smartphone, or home PC and play your music however, wherever, you want.




EVERYWHERE 是一款高性能的 2.1 Wi-Fi 及蓝牙立体声扬声器系统,可让完整保真度的 Wi-Fi 音频在整个家居中均匀分布。该系统可与所有其他 iui DESIGN Wi-Fi 音响产品配合使用,以创造一个迎合您的需求的自定全屋 HiFi 立体声系统。利用 iOS、Android 智能手机的应用程式或家用电脑可随时随地控制所有功能和播放音乐。





SKU: UD-1402-BK
    • 2.1 Wireless speaker with 2 powerful drivers and 1 active subwoofer
    • 32 Watts audio power output
    • Stream music wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth v2.1+EDR
    • Deliver wired music with 3.5mm audio line in or RJ45 Ethernet connector
    • NFC “touch to pair” Bluetooth pairing
    • 2.1无线扬声器,配有2个强大的扬声器单元和1个有源超低音扬声器
    • 32瓦音频功率输出
    • 通过Wi-Fi或蓝牙v2.1 + EDR,无线串流播放音乐
    • 可使用3.5mm音频线或RJ45以太网络作有线连接播放音乐
    • 配备NFC“触碰配对”蓝牙配对

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