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Bluetooth Stereo Speaker & Speakerphone


DRIVE is a high-performance wireless Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone that puts precision audio performance in an attractive design. The touch control keys are elegantly invisible under the speaker grill, combining clean design with simple control.




DRIVE 是一款高性能的无线蓝牙扬声器及免提,拥有精准音频性能及有吸引力的设计。触摸控制键隐藏在扬声器铁网的下方,将简洁设计和简易控制完美结合。


SKU: PF-306-WT
    • Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth v2.1
    • Incorporated passive radiator for enhanced bass effect
    • Hands-free speakerphone with CVC digital echo cancellation and noise reduction
    • 6 hours of playtime
    • Invisible touch key 
    • 通过蓝牙v2.1无线串流播放音乐
    • 合并式低音被动单元以增强低音效果
    • 免提扬声器配备 CVC数码回音消除和降噪功能
    • 6小时的播放时间

    • 隐形触摸键

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