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Bluetooth Speaker / Speakerphone


Using the iconic MINI mirror design, the Compact MIRROR Bluetooth speaker / speakerphone is nothing short of amazing.  It delivers high volume and excellent audio performance from a truly portable size - perfect for the briefcase or purse.


蓝牙音箱 / 免提扬声器


设计源于 MINI Cooper 的倒后镜独特形态,Compact MIRROR 是一超小型及精致的蓝牙喇叭,可随身携带,为你提供卓越的音质和音量。

Compact MIRROR

SKU: PF328M-04
    • 4 watts of power output
    • Bluetooth 3.0: A2DP, HSP, HFP supported
    • NFC with “touch-to-pair” Bluetooth pairing
    • Hands-free speakerphone with CVC digital echo cancellation and noise reduction
    • 500mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides 6 hours of playtime
    • 4瓦功率输出
    • 支援蓝牙3.0:A2DP、HSP、HFP
    • NFC与“触碰配对”蓝牙配对
    • 免提扬声器配备 CVC数码回音消除和降噪功能
    • 500mAh锂离子充电电池可提供6小时的播放时间

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