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Bigger than it looks.


Bass Jumper is an all-weather wireless speaker and speakerphone designed for action & sports lovers to enjoy music and stay connected. Featuring a new technology driver, it creates massive bass from an amazingly small design. Units can be daisy-chained with the included cable to get the party started!




Bass Jumper 是一个全天候的无线扬声器,专为活跃好动和爱好运动的你而设,让你随时享受完美音乐空间。拥有崭新的扬声器单元技术,令这细小玩意创造出强大的低音效能。更可将多只 Bass Jumper 串连在一起,把音乐无限放大,尽享派对!

Bass Jumper

SKU: DF-1415-VT
    • Peak-Optimized for shocking sound clarity and volume
    • Weather-proof
    • Shock-proof
    • Wearable
    • Bluetooth 3.0
    • NFC connectability
    • Built-in speakerphone
    • 10 Hours of battery life
    • 峰优化以提供震撼的清晰度和音量
    • 防震功能
    • 可配戴式
    • 蓝牙3.0连接
    • NFC蓝牙配对
    • 内置免提扬声器
    • 10小时的电池寿命

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