DFY brings more than just music to life.

We bring moments to life. We take the party to the next level. We kickstart your day. We rev up your night. We make your world shine just a little bit brighter. DFY takes everything we love about those values we hold dear - friendship, passion, independence, originality, living out loud - and captures it all in a sleek, compact design.

This is audio technology 30 years in the making. From our humble roots as a computer-based audio company we have evolved into a global leader in portable and home audio products designed to offer superior sound at an affordable price.

Each product in our lineup is a balance of functionality and design. Inspired by the music industry, interior design, fine art and the natural world, DFY is innovation in the palm of your hand - built for action, mobility, convenience and, most importantly, you.



Better sound. Lower price.

Hang Out

Be present in the moment.

Keep Movin

Bring the Bling.



Energize your space.

Bass Jumper

Bigger than it looks.

Rock Out

Never miss beats.

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